Missed opportunity

I wish my parents had named me Lash Lightning. I could totally pull that off.IMG_0775


They just don’t make ’em like this anymore

BrickbradfordI just discovered via and the Internet Archive this movie serial starring a character with the unlikely name of Brick Bradford. It was based on a long running comic strip that I confess I had never heard of. It began in 1933 and, after going through a number of artists finally ended in 1987. Fifty-four years is a remarkable run for a comic strip, although far from the record. That honor goes to The Katzenjammer Kids, which began in 1897. No that isn’t a typo — 1897, and it is still running today. Then there’s Blondie and Dick Tracy, both of which debuted in 1930 and are still going strong, to name a few others. However, I know the Katzenjammers, Blondie and Dick Tracy. I grew up reading their strips. But Brick Bradford is a totally new one on me.

What a great name for a comic strip/movie serial hero! Brick Bradford! Here’s how describes the serial they have online:

“Brick Bradford, soldier-of-fortune and time-machine traveler, is hired to protect the Interceptor Ray, an anti-guided missile weapon. His task takes him to the Moon, where he is captured by subjects of Queen Khana, but is spared because Queen Khana kinda likes him. Back on earth, Brick, Sandy and June get into The Time To (Brick’s spinning time-machine) and spin back to the 18th Century where they have to fight off pirates and island natives. Brick finally traps the villain after the Interceptor Ray and world peace is assured.”

What’s not to love about that?