there is no such thing as killing time as you play this game

I’d download this app just to see “tiny lips wearing a white top and colorful plaided skirt.” Wouldn’t you?


Come in many different styles, as you prepare yourself in your best Manga Costume. You could be a hot and adventurous woman with big beautiful eyes, ridiculously long luscious locks, tiny lips wearing a white top and colorful plaided skirt.
With Manga Girls Slots, you will experience absolute Manga fun. From the beautiful Manga Girls in their most fashionable outfits to a whole new Anime experience, there is no such thing as killing time as you play this game.
Are you ready to dress and impress?


Time to go to learn?

A confusing apptdescription. I have no idea what this app is supposed to do.


Time to go to learn? Everyone surely knows that during the learning everything is interesting, especially the white wall! But why waste time watching the wall, when you can just look on this awesome application only for a few minutes and you will immediately sleep – 100%! The time that you lose by watching the wall – And now you save – you can fully utilize to the strong learning! And that’s great!

I know you will fall in love for this game why?

An apptdescription from today’s mail…


The world war 3011 has came to an end and all nations have put a ban on nuclear technology even for energy. This was the only energy resource to power the world after the ban, BioSys found a new energy resource called whight which is being extracted from the earth’s core, and has become the sole energy provider of the world. Money has corrupted them and they are keep extracting the energy which is weakening the earth’s core and can end in the destruction of the whole planet. This is not it, but BioSys is into making artificial virus called M5 which is turning the living into monsters. Alexa an underground researcher finds this out and went on an action packed mission to put an end to BioSys doing evil. The day has come and Alexa has to capture all the high tech super weapons and bionic suites from BioSys to save the earth.
I know you will fall in love for this game why?

** Awesome graphics and great gameplay in this best action & run game for iPhone
< br/>**Futuristic concept and Sci-Fi Interface.

** Outstanding graphics with thrilling sounds and music

** Multiple levels for endless fun & action, each level is full of adventure.

** 14 types of enemies & robots for your full fun pack.

** Futuristic weapons, super suite submarines, virus, power & more

** Fight with monster fishes, robots & enemies real war experience

** Free Game centre support

This free fantasy game is best suited for fans of: fun lover, action RPGs, sci-fi games, and multi-levels and free adventure games.

If you are one of them, get the game now!

A few of my favorites

These apptdescriptions are two of my favorites…

Drive the coaster! Drive the crazy coaster!

From handloft, we come the newest and most exciting world-evil advanture! One day, the world is swallowed by the darkness and filled with devil. Seven young people find they are the last men. They come together, drive the coaster, and begin the venture to find the secret in the dark. Crazy Coaster is an action and adventure game. The brave young men as drive the crazy coaster and avoid the cliff! Travel through portals to visit evil world, ghosts, witches, devils, demons, vampires, bats, spiders and more! Nothing can block their way! Instantly playable and simple to control, tap, tap, and tap! Run as far as possible along the way to amass high scores and collect awards. Upload your best runs to the Openfeint leaderboards, twitter or facebook. Drive the coaster! Drive the crazy coaster! The game features: * Unlimited distance, drive as far as possible you can

I just say “chill, skirt!!”

I had no idea how women work, but Now I know that if one gets to be talking out off line, I just say “chill, skirt!!” this app makes me so happy!!, if you are hesitant to buy this app, here’s some of the genius insight into the female mind you could get!! “chuckle to yourself as you relozr that she wont EVER be safe around you again” wow…

This application is the information about meet or get the girl without trying extra effort. How to get Girls into bet without trying. Explain, how to get the girl. Tips & information. And also finally conclusion.

More classic “apptdescriptions”

A few more from my now-defunct “apptdescriptions” blog.
All typos, grammar and punctuation–or lack thereof–are taken verbatim from the originals.
And remember: “Doondoong’s speed is faster”

How they reaction?

There are many interesting sounds in this app. Suppose, when people around you on the bus hear the sound. How they reaction? Frightened or embarrassed? When you are in your office, at the rest time ,you use your phone make fun of your colleagues. Imagine his face!;

Is this legal?

A little savage playing with watermelon. Just teased it up,all the way out. Enjoy it.;

Seek abuse Ferrari Artist

Test your friends are thinking about the problem. For example like: Become superman The hero saves a beauty Seek abuse Ferrari Artist;

Doongdoong’s speed is faster

Bananarace game is originated from the best Doongdoong episode Bananarace series. There are 5 levels. If you want to go next level, you have to gain banana asking for each level. Whenever you pass the levels, you can get new episode movies. Higher level, touch control is getting harder and Doongdoong’s speed is faster.;

The answer is 55… I’ll wait

Here is an apptdescription that caught my eye. The problem is not so much with the description as it is with what the description is telling you to do. When did simple subtraction become so complicated? 


Subtract Eggs app can help kids to know how to borrow when subtracting , this app use hatch out ducks to help kids understand subtraction.
For example: 82-27 =?
you can follow the steps to do subtraction by regrouping:
1. 2 is less than 7, so we need to regroup 1 ten as 10 ones, drag 1 ten to ones’ blue box.
2. After regroup, there are 7 tens and 12 ones.
3. Drag the eggs to the marked place to hatch out 7 ducks
4. Drag the 2 tens eggs to the marked place to hatch out 20 ducks
5. Check the remaining number of eggs, enter the answer, press the green check button, check the answers

“App”t descriptions

A few years ago I had a blog called apptdescriptions. This is what it was about:

Welcome to apptdescriptions, dedicated to the wonderful world of iPhone app descriptions. You know the ones I’m talking about. I mean the ones written by people for whom English may not be their strong point. The resulting text is often—accidentally—poetic or, in some cases, even zen-like.

These descriptions are not edited and are copied verbatim from the developers’ original promotional text. All grammar errors, misspellings, and punctuation (or lack thereof) are exactly as they appear in the description. I did not include links to any apps, and often the products aren’t even named. That’s not what this is all about.

Please note: I’m not making fun of these people. I’m just pointing out the… oh hell, yes I am making fun of them.

Not much has changed since I had that blog. App descriptions are still horribly written–and wonderfully hilarious. So I thought I’d revive apptdescriptions as a subset of this blog. I’ll start with some classics from the old blog and add new ones as I see them.

Here we go…

She winked at me. so flirty

Have you ever experience sizzling hot party? This game must remind your memory of running into cool partners. “What a fantastic party!! So many cool girls are here!!” “Wait, wait oh! Did you see her? She winked at me. so flirty” I am going to tell her “Dance with me if you want to get some tonight” What can I do for my girl?

I know anything

You have too many question? You are in choices? Worring about answer? Ask me, i will help to get the answer. You will surprise about my knowledge, I know anything.

The less time spent, the higher score got!!!

You want to know how your memory really strong?then use the memory test it this game…. Rule: First, You are shown some items, Click “OK” button when you have memorized them. Then, you find and
click them among a lot of other items. You advance to the next level if you found all items. But,if you make a mistake in even one, game over. the less time spent, the higher score got!!!

Bring it to whom’s ear, and WOW! AWESOME!

1. Do you want to make freak out of someone? Choose ‘Ahhh!’ sound and put your iPhone somewhere close to them. When they try to reach your iPhone, big scream will come out! haha! 😀

2. Do you want to make fun with your friends? How about ‘rolling stones’ sound? Tell your friends you can detect what their body sounds like. Get your iPhone close to your friend and there you go!

3. Hard to send your words to someone? Record your message with your own voice. Bring it to whom’s ear, and WOW! AWESOME! It can be used to your lover for a touching event with lovely message. Or just simply to send a sorry message.