I have seen the future of music…

…and it is Gregory P. Jones.

I  present to you Gregory P. Jones and his soon-to-be-classic album What a Woman Want
He is the kind of singer for whom auto tune was invented. Unfortunately he never heard of it.
Listen for yourself: http://amzn.to/1snWc8E

Wait! Don’t thank me yet! We’re just warming up. It turns out that Gregory P. Jones isn’t just a superb singer and songwriter. No, he is also a masterful POET. Just check out his book: Things U Could of Said But U Didn’t!!!! 

A selection from the book:

I want to be like Him, drive a fancy car,
Have plenty money and women,
He doesn’t work a 9 to 5,
He just 20 years of age, He’s the Man!
(Ten year later)
Now I’m like Him,
Serving 30 years, 20 years of age,
No fancy car, no money and women
Now I’m the woman.

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