(sigh) They don’t even try anymore

The latest email scam, in its entirety.

(no subject)

Brooks, Jody <jcdavis2@atlanta.k12.ga.us>

Sun 6/29/2014 8:27 AM


Brooks, Jody <jcdavis2@atlanta.k12.ga.us>;

Mrs. Gloria C. Mackenzie picked you, E-mail: gloriacm-mackenzie@rogers.com for more info

No subject. No real message. Addressed to someone I never heard of. And with my luck, this would be the one that actually turns into a million dollar reward.


One comment

  1. Here it is December 2014…
    If you think they didi’t try anymore back in June… they try even less now!
    My email just says… “Mackenzie picked you. For details email:Violet….@xxx.org”
    If I hadn’t found your page,I\ I would have never know that my old and dearest beloved friend Gloria had picked me… So, now…
    I Wanna tell about my baby… you know she comes around… About five feet four… From her head to the ground… And her name is…

    Thanks for your page…

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