More classic “apptdescriptions”

A few more from my now-defunct “apptdescriptions” blog.
All typos, grammar and punctuation–or lack thereof–are taken verbatim from the originals.
And remember: “Doondoong’s speed is faster”

How they reaction?

There are many interesting sounds in this app. Suppose, when people around you on the bus hear the sound. How they reaction? Frightened or embarrassed? When you are in your office, at the rest time ,you use your phone make fun of your colleagues. Imagine his face!;

Is this legal?

A little savage playing with watermelon. Just teased it up,all the way out. Enjoy it.;

Seek abuse Ferrari Artist

Test your friends are thinking about the problem. For example like: Become superman The hero saves a beauty Seek abuse Ferrari Artist;

Doongdoong’s speed is faster

Bananarace game is originated from the best Doongdoong episode Bananarace series. There are 5 levels. If you want to go next level, you have to gain banana asking for each level. Whenever you pass the levels, you can get new episode movies. Higher level, touch control is getting harder and Doongdoong’s speed is faster.;


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