Review: Magic Restroom Cafe

537328_150460201794794_568303622_nSo there’s a “toilet themed” restaurant opened in California called Magic Restroom Cafe. Guests sit on toilets and food is served in tiny toilet bowls… really.

Now, I guess that they are so flush with success that they feel they can expand by franchising the operation. (If you are interested contact

Anyway, when I first heard about it a few years ago, a I wrote a “review” that I was particularly proud of, and which I just found on one of the dozens of flash drives I have in a drawer. I share it with you here. (Disclaimer: I’ve never actually been there.)

Magic Restroom Cafe Review
By Tim Goral

I went there with my cistern brother. They weren’t bowled over. My brother said, “What kind of crap is this?” I said, “What do you mean? It’s the Number One place to go. You can grab a quick bite if urine a hurry, septic can be pricey.” My sister ordered the pu pu platter, bidet ran out.



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